Genomics and Crop Development

Crop development is a long-term commitment that involves multiple disciplines of agricultural expertise to deliver new plant varieties to ensure our food supply system is strong and resilient. A successful breeding program must balance logistics, resource management and budgets. The most beneficial technologies will help crop development strategies by either reducing the time or cost (or both!) it takes to produce a new variety. Genomic technologies have become important tools to reduce both time and money for  the seed industry. 

DNA Databases 

DNA databases are repositories for vast amounts of genetic data that span everything from species identification to specific DNA sequence information about the genes that make up various biological processes that are important in crop development. Translating this information into everyday, applied uses in agriculture is how TurnKey Genomics is developing new testing assays for various agri-food business. 

Reference Genomes 

Due to advances in DNA sequencing technologies known as "Next Generation Sequencing", numerous species now have a reference genome, which simply put is the complete genetic code for a particular species. These "DNA roadmaps" now make is possible to add increased precision into understanding what genes (or more importantly gene combinations) determine various traits of interest when breeding for new crops and animals. These technologies are leading to new breeding strategies for plant and animal breeders. TurnKey Genomics offers custom genomic solutions using the latest technologies.