Genomics and Crop Protection

DNA-based testing methods are now mainstream, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic and the part molecular testing played in managing public health policies. Likewise, there are many biological threats to the agri-food system and now there are rapid testing solutions for many of the plant  species that comprise the agricultural industry in Canada. TurnKey Genomics is developing novel testing assays for various pests and pathogens that affect numerous crops. Contact us today to see what rapid genetic testing can do for your business. 

Faster Testing, Faster Decision Making

The key to making genetic testing a routine part of any ag business is keeping it simple! TurnKey Genomics not only provides testing solutions, but also ensures customers are informed of how important all aspects, including sample collection can be. We offer advice on how to start and execute a DNA-based testing program for your specific needs. Contact us today for TurnKey solutions for genetic testing.