Genomics Technologies and Agriculture 

PCR Testing 

The foundation of molecular technologies. Simple, fast, budget friendly genotyping. Frequently used for classic genetic markers for plant and animal breeding or identification of pests and pathogens. Limited to testing one specific area of a genome, or a few specific genes. 

Quantitative PCR Testing (qPCR)

Used for not only to detect genetic material, but also to determine amount of genetic material in a sample. Uses included GMO testing, genotyping and pathogen abundance. 

DNA Sequencing 

The ultimate in genetic testing, a direct "reading" of a species genetic code. New advances in genomic sequencing technologies is shifting the way genetic information is produced, from sequencing genes to sequencing genomes. This technology is accelerating efforts in plant and animal breeding by using information from the species entire genetic code!

Genetic Markers  

This illustration is a example of how genetic markers are used to help seed companies develop new crop varieties. Breeding programs need to test/screen thousands of samples during the course of development. TurnKey Genomics offers custom solutions for both developing and implementing genetic marker technologies for the seed industry. Ask how we can help your business save time and money with fast, inexpensive testing solutions.

Mobilizing Genomics For Agriculture! 

The new frontier. With many genomic technologies now portable, the way genetic data is produced, analyzed and utilized can be reimagined. Point-of-care genomics is revolutionizing how important decisions about entire biological systems are being made. This concept is opening up new possibilities in farm health management. Contact us today to learn more about testing on your farm.